360 Degree Bird View Panoramic System Car Camera

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360 degree view car camera system

Key Features:
  • Material: Steel
  • Axle: Front
  • Vented: No
  • Outside Diameter: 340 mm
  • Pad Shims Included: No

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SKU SCT-123A380-S
Part NumberBDX-750Z370-S
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360 Degree Bird View Panorama System 4 Cameras 1080PĀ  Rear View DVR/Dash Camera

360Ā° surround view monitoring system, the four ultra wide angle camera mounted on the vehicle the front, rear, left and right mirror, the vehicle can perceive the surrounding environment, through the virtual scene reconstruction technology,
can be achieved including top, front and back angle of view, view forward / reverse, left and right side view, any virtual view image view a variety of virtual view, provide a full range of image information around the vehicle for the driver, the driver to eliminate traditional visual dead, make driving more safe and free.
ā–Ŗ Color: Black
ā–Ŗ 4 super wide angle cameras
ā–Ŗ 360 degree bird’s-eye view
ā–Ŗ Eliminate most of the blind spots
ā–Ŗ Loop overwrite recording
ā–Ŗ Intelligent parking monitoring
ā–Ŗ Power consumption protection
š“šžšœš”š§š¢šœššš„ ššššÆššš§š­ššš šžš¬:
ā–Ŗ 3D environment
ā–Ŗ Automatic view switch
ā–Ŗ Camera clarity
ā–Ŗ Video recording effects and other fields
ššššœš¤ššš šž š‚šØš§š­šžš§š­š¬:
ā–Ŗ 1 x Host
ā–Ŗ 4 x Camera(Front, Rear, Left, Right)
ā–Ŗ 4 x Camera Extension Cord
ā–Ŗ 1 x Wire Harness
ā–Ŗ 1 x Infrared receiver
ā–Ŗ 1 x Remote Controller
ā–Ŗ 1 x User Manual
ā–Ŗ 1 x Installation package
ššØš­šž :
ā–Ŗ Universal for almost all the cars
ā–Ŗ Please confirm that there is a in-dash monitor or other LCD monitor which can input and display a PAL or NTSC video(RCA interface or HDMI) in your car.
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Part Number








Outside Diameter

340 mm

Pad Shims Included


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